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Arts & Sciences

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Baronial Artisans Directory

Hail Windy Kitties!   We now have an online Artisan’s Directory! It is a google spreadsheet and it needs your input! Please visit this link and enter in your name in the first column and which arts and/or sciences you enjoy in the following columns. Please rate yourself on a scale of 1-3 in your …

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Windmasters Hill Baronial Calligraphers & Illuminators Guild Handbook

[This material is copyright 1991 by Dennis R. Sherman. Additions and revisions copyright 1998 by Linda Pancrazio,  2003 by Marybeth Lavrakas, and 2016 by Kit Wellner.  It may be freely copied for not-for-profit use, if it is copied in its entirety including this copyright notice. Please send a copy of publications to the author.] [Heraldic art …

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