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Ruby Joust

Ruby Joust
May 24-26, 2013

For those that are going to Ruby Joust II, I will need you to first register for the event via ACCEPS by May 18th.  Then, you will need to fill out the online camp registration form, giving the event staff the dimensions of your tentage (remember the 4 foot rule for Fire Safety and if you need extra lines for high winds) including any day shade inside the camp that you will want. Then send me (ron.hall3@us.army.mil) those dimensions and any special requests (Quiet side / Kids side / Partiers’ side / etc.) so I can start putting together the camp layout. I would also like to know if you will have a Fire Source / Fire Extinguisher in your tent, Safety First.

As there will only be a limited water source, there will not be a scullery nor a shower within the camp. There are no camp fees, so if you want it then you need to bring it, unless someone wants to volunteer to run a kitchen/meal plan. In that case I will have my camping oven with me…

Right now, I am planning for a main gate (8′ x 8′) and a common tent (10′ x 20′). Please let me know if I need to plan / ask for more space to accommodate the Barony.


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