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Performers’ Revel South

Ever heard of the legendary Performers’ Revel hosted by Mistress Fevronia and Master Igor in the northern half of Atlantia?  Did you realize it’s often scheduled around the same time as Ymir?  Windy Kitties are missing out!

If you missed Performers’ Revel up north, you can still enjoy Performers’ Revel South!

The Canton of Elvegast in the magnificent Barony of Windmasters’ Hill is hosting Performers’ Revel South as a relaxed time and space for performers to do their thing!  We will have all day at a local member’s church to fill the halls with singing, dancing, acting, and reveling of all kinds!

Date: September 30 (opposite Bash with Bacchus in Black Diamond and War of 8 Saints in Hawkwood which don’t have performance components involved and are 150+ miles away.)

Location: First Presbetyrian Church of Garner; 503 Lakeside Dr.; Garner, NC 27529

Time: starting at 10:00am and running until about 11:00 so we can clean up by midnight.

Activities:  What do you want to do?  Seriously, we are not going to dictate. If the attendees want to just sit and jam, we’ll sit and jam! If the attendees want a competition, we’ll make one happen! If they attendees want feedback on their performance from Very Experienced Performers, we’ll find some experts to help!

Please email the Co-Autocrat, Lady Sophia the Orange at orangesophie AT gmail to make your requests for activities to happen that day.


Chances are good there will be some Commedia happening… 😉

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