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Performers’ Revel South

The Canton of Elvegast welcomes you to Performers’ Revel South!

UPDATE September 29:  see updated schedule below


Please sign up to bring some dinner food or snacks for our pitch in dinner!

Pot Luck Feast & Snacks sign up sheet:

Please bring snacks, dinner, or dessert to share and make note on this sign-up sheet of what you’re bringing.

Two short and awesome music performances are now scheduled at the Performers’ Revel South!

Our own Master Efenwealt will treat us to an Early Music Show and Tell at 5:00pm. If you ever felt that his few tunes at a bardic circle were just a taste of what you can hear and learn from this infamous Laurel, you’re right! You’ll get the time at PRS to learn from him what music was all about in SCA period. He’s bringing period instruments and will play us examples of what our personas would have heard on their own saturday evenings.

Thanks to Efenwealt’s networking, we also have a treat of a performance from a band, Afrit Temple (,
which plays medieval and renaissance music on period instruments like hurdy gurdy, bouzouki, and amazing drumming. Members of Afrit Temple apparently have participated in the legendary Elephant Stomp in our own backyard! Come see them perform for our pleasure at 6:00pm!

Lady MISTRESS Teleri the Well Prepared will be available for any kind of A&S research help! She’s *amazing* at helping people with research to create period-informed A&S projects of any kind, including performing and static arts. She’s a treasure trove of assistance, and she’ll be there all day! Let us know if you want to make an appointment to get her undivided attention.

Remember, this is a donation based event with no set site fee. Attendees are requested to make a donation to help pay for our $200 site rental fee with whatever donation you wish.

Updated Schedule:

We will run the following activities for sure, but there’s still room to add other activities if you want! Just make out the survey at this link and we’ll see what we can do!

There are a bunch of classrooms available, so additional classes may pop up in those rooms between 11:00 – 3:00. Watch this space for updates.

11:00 – 12:00 – Performing Fundamentals: I Firenzi currently includes an amazing theater student, Owyn de Wolfe, currently rehearsing with a professional opera company! He’s going to help us learn basic stagecraft like projecting your voice and what to do with your body on stage. Very good habits for anyone who likes to perform in the SCA so people can hear you in court, in feast, and whenever you want to be heard!

12:00 – 1:00 – Stage Combat: Owyn is doing a very long fight scene in this professional opera company, so he’s going to help us learn basic stage combat techniques. Again, this is useful for theater, but also performing SCA shtick when you want to!

1:00 – 2:00 LUNCH BREAK and short commedia skit by i Firenzi

2:00 – European Dance – We will teach some European Dance to whoever wants to learn it – students’ choice!

3:00 — After noon bardic circle – someone requested a bardic circle in the afternoon on our survey form, so VOILA! Early afternoon bardic opportunity in the classic circle format.

3:00 – also at 3:00 we will hold a workshop in Shakespeare scenes for 2 people and some monologues

5:00 – Efenwealt performs and teaches us about early music in an “Early Music Show and Tell”.

5:30 – short commedia skit by i Firenzi

6:00 – The amazing band Alfrit Temple performs a short set on hurdy gurdy and other beautiful instruments from SCA period.

7:00 – We start eating the pot-luck dinner and the singing will probably begin then too!
After eating, Bardic Circle until 11:00pm! We’ll have to quit in time to clean and get out of the church by midnight.

Original Text:

Ever heard of the legendary Performers’ Revel hosted by Mistress Fevronia and Master Igor in the northern half of Atlantia?  Did you realize it’s often scheduled around the same time as Ymir?  Windy Kitties are missing out!

If you missed Performers’ Revel up north, you can still enjoy Performers’ Revel South!

The Canton of Elvegast in the magnificent Barony of Windmasters’ Hill is hosting Performers’ Revel South as a relaxed time and space for performers to do their thing!  We will have all day at a local member’s church to fill the halls with singing, dancing, acting, and reveling of all kinds!

Date: September 30 (opposite Bash with Bacchus in Black Diamond and War of 8 Saints in Hawkwood which didn’t have performance components involved at the time of Spiking and are 150+ miles away.)

Location: First Presbetyrian Church of Garner; 503 Lakeside Dr.; Garner, NC 27529

Time: starting at 10:00am and running until about 11:00 so we can clean up by midnight.

Activities:  What do you want to do?  Seriously, we are not going to dictate. If the attendees want to just sit and jam, we’ll sit and jam! If the attendees want a competition, we’ll make one happen! If they attendees want feedback on their performance from Very Experienced Performers, we’ll find some experts to help!

Please email the Co-Autocrat, Lady Sophia the Orange at orangesophie AT gmail to make your requests for activities to happen that day.


Fill out this Google Form to make your request for which activities we should offer at this event! 


Here’s what we have planned so far:

· Pot Luck Feast starting at 7:00pm

· Big Bardic Circle starting at 8:00pm

· Performance Review and Critique upon request

· Mini-Bardic Madness Challenges throughout the day

· Story Quest – group storytelling game

· “Taking the Teeth Out of Stage Fright” class

· Improvisation Theater Games – many games are just silly fun and some can actually help you develop your character!

· Stagecraft Workshops – voice projection, movement on stage, and spacing

STAGE COMBAT CLASS!!  We will be teaching basic stage combat! Punches, slaps, kicks, hair pulls, and throws will be covered for sure. Possibly more!

· ALL AGES Commedia Experiment – we have a handful of folks of all ages, some technically younger than others, who have enjoyed commedia and would love the company of other folks interested in commedia – we will pull together some skits and sneak in some education! This is not an official “youth” activity, but it is easy to include kids if they want to play along.

· Iron Commedia session OR short commedia skits (depending on attendee feedback)  i Firenzi members will be there ready to perform skits and/or run an Iron Commedia session so new people can try out live commedia!

· Performing Arts Resources Library and Online Search Guidance – Master Efenwealt, Lady Teleri the Well Prepared, and Baroness Sophia the Orange will be bringing large boxes of resources and materials for anyone to find new material or find documentation for period informed performances!  At least one computer will be there with easy links to online resources.  Want to perform something in the SCA that you can say “Yes! It’s period!”  Come on down here to get help finding your material!

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