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Performers’ Revel South

The ancient Canton of Elvegast in the magnificent Barony of Windmasters’ Hill is hosting Performers’ Revel South again! It’s a relaxed time and space for performers to do their thing!  We will have all day at a local member’s church to fill the halls with singing, dancing, acting, and reveling of all kinds!

Date: June 30, 2018

Location: First Presbyterian Church of Garner; 503 Lakeside Dr.; Garner, NC 27529

Time: Doors open at 9:00am. Programing starts at 10:00am and runs until about 11:00 so we can clean up by midnight.

Please email the Autocrat, Baroness Sophia the Orange at orangesophie AT gmail to make your requests for activities to happen that day. There’s still plenty of space!

Here’s what we have planned so far:

Pot Luck Feast starting at 7:00pm – including the Big Bardic Bakeoff!

    It happens to be Sophia The Orange’s birthday, so we’re having a competition for the most awesome birthday cake with a theme of “Orange!” (flavor, color, shape, whatever)  There will be prizes, but even better will be the honor, glory, bragging rights, and CEREMONY of honoring your birthday cake with the yet-to-be-improvised Oh Holy Sacred And Timeless Cake Cutting Ceremony of Elvegast!

Link to the sign up sheet for what you’ll bring to the pot luck is here:

Big Bardic Circle starting around 8:00pm or when the cake is cut.


During the Day – Workshops:

  • Taking the Teeth Out of Stage Fright – Many performers have stagefright, so how do you deal with it? We have some answers.
  • Improvisation Theater Games – Many games are just silly fun and some can actually help you develop your character!
  • Stagecraft Workshops – Voice projection, movement on stage, motivation. Very good concepts to practice for anyone who likes to perform in the SCA so people can hear you in court, in feast, and whenever you want to be heard!
  • Shakespeare Duets: Take some time to do a classic 2 person scene from Shakespeare’s works, get help from some experienced actors, and perform them for the assembled crowd!
  • ALL AGES Iron Commedia– we have a handful of folks of all ages, some technically younger than others, who have enjoyed commedia and would love the company of other folks interested in commedia – we will pull together some skits and sneak in some education! This is not an official “youth” activity, but it is easy to include kids if they want to play along. THIS WILL RESULT IN A SHORT COMMEDIA PLAY! If you join in this class, please stay to perform after dinner!


Other activities:

  • Performance Review and Critique upon request
  • Story Quest – group storytelling game
  • Performing Arts Resources Library and Online Search Guidance – Some Very Experienced Performers will be bringing large boxes of resources and materials for anyone to find new material or find documentation for period informed performances!  At least one computer will be there with easy links to online resources.  Want to perform something in the SCA that you can say “Yes! It’s period!”  Come on down here to get help finding your material!
  • After Lunch Dancing – Before your afternoon nap spend some time learning or practicing some very common dances done in the SCA so you’re prepared for the next event!


This is a donation based event with no set site fee. Attendees could be supportive if they made a donation to help pay for our $200 site rental fee.

Please email Baroness Sophia the Orange with any questions, concerns, or requests via orangesophie AT gmail DOT com.

Hope to see you there!

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