Our Seneschal: Duke barry McFayden
Badge of office:

Deputies of the Seneschal

Emergency deputy
baron girard le bourguignon

Nick Soucy

The Emergency Deputy provides backup and support to the Seneschal where appropriate, filling in at meetings and events if for some reason the Seneschal is unable to attend.


Dame Adriana la Bretonne

Andrea Ewing Callicut

The Deputy of Communications and Social Media promotes the enthusiastic and responsible use of social media across different platforms to help achieve the goals of the Barony and the SCA.

Email: baronessadriana AT gmail DOT com

minister of youth
Baroness mor the merry

Mary Kearney

The Minister of Youth/Children helps provide safe, fun, and educational age-appropriate activities during scheduled and structured sessions at events, meetings, or other SCA functions.

Email: baronessmor AT yahoo DOT com

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