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Pennsic 42

July 19 – August 03, 2013

Greetings unto the populace of Windmasters’ Hill from Lord Bumba of Attillium;

Three major changes (maybe more), first, Camp Steward, I will be your camp steward this year, thank you Lady Rowan for your past works and for answering all my questions. Second, Dates, YES, Pennsic is one week earlier this year and one day shorter so please keep that in mind. And third Camp Fees have increased by $5.00 to $30.00 per adult and $20.00 per child.

Following is all the information you need to register correctly for camping with Windmasters’ If you live within the boundaries of our fair Barony, or ever did, or are asked by someone who does, you are welcome to camp with us!

Please read the following carefully, the answers to almost all of your questions lie within this email! Registration is open.

You can contact me  with any questions you may have. I am available by phone, email, Baronial meeting, or at an event. (See the member directory.)

We will be using an email list to help plan the event, so please join our Pennsic discussion list at:
http://lists.windmastershill.org/listinfo.cgi/pennsic-windmastershill.org. This is the same list as last year, so you may already be signed up.

Pre-registration details and land allocation are the same as last year’s.

Pre-Registration: !!!Dates Change!!!

You must pre-register with Cooper’s Lake before sending in your form for the Baronial Encampment.  Mail in pre-registration ends May 19th, and online pre-registration ends June 09th.  You must have this form post marked or to us by June 16th.  We will start putting the camp together as soon as possible and must have the size of your Personal Camp (PC).

The form is attached to this email as both word doc and pdf.

If you do not pre-register with the Coopers, we will not get your land allotment, and you will not be allowed to put up a tent in the Windmasters’ Hill camp.  You may still camp with us if you find someone who willing to let you share their land, but that’s up to you and them (and will not mean that they get more space than they had already registered for).  Similarly, if you have not registered with the Barony but have registered with Cooper’s, we will inform Cooper’s that you are not a member of this group and request that you be moved to single camping.  Registering with the barony means the camp will be better planned and that we will have your emergency information on hand if necessary.

Our group name is Barony of Windmasters’ Hill and it is available in the drop down menu if you register online.  If you mail in a reservation, please be sure that you fill out the camp name exactly, or you will be placed in the wrong spot.

Please note your PENN number when you register with the Coopers.  We will need to have the correct PENN number for you and all people in the camp.  It can be used to locate a missing reservation and get you properly assigned.


Baronial Camp fee:

The camp fee for this year will be $30 per person who is actually camping with us (ghosts don’t pay), and $20 per child ages 12 and under.  The fee covers expenses such as part of the common tent, fire wood, propane for the shower, Culligan water filter system, bottled water and ice for drinking, etc.  All funds will be put into the camp fund, and if there is extra we will spend it on camp improvements.  The Pennsic camp fees will be processed by the camp steward, not the Chancellor of the Exchequer of Windmasters’ Hill.

Please make checks payable to Ron Hall and send them to

Ron Hall

688 Wiltshire Road

Fayetteville, NC 28314

All payments are due by June 16th so I have time to process them

Allocation of Land:

Each person registered with the Coopers’ receives 250 sq. feet of land in their name.  The Barony requires each of its campers to set aside 75 sq. feet of that for general camp use.  This square footage will be used to provide for common resources such as walk ways, the shower tent, the common tent, campfire space, and courtyards.  You need to register for enough space to set up your tent and comply with fire regulations after deducting the 75 sq. ft. used for the camp. This means that your tent plus ropes must fit into the remaining 175 sq. ft. (per registered person in the tent) or you will have to register one or more adult ghost(s) (person not attending Pennsic/staying in camp; i.e. my wife).

To calculate the land requirement for your tent:

Take the two dimensions, length and width, and add 4 feet to each, then multiply them together.  For round tents, the diameter is both your length and width (we square them off, so put the pi down).  This is the square footage of your tent.

If a person is registered with the Baronial camp, but does not plan to stay in the camp, they are considered a “ghost.”  Ghosts are often times a person who perhaps is staying in a merchant tent or in a hotel or perhaps is a friend who just won’t make it to war. Ghosts do not need to donate 75 sq. ft., so you will receive the full 250 sq. foot allocation from them.  If you are unsure of the amount of land that you will need, please contact us before the deadline (June 9th) and we will help you calculate how much to buy.

Tents and Day Shades:  Add it all together:  Add together the square footage of all your tents and day shades; that is the total land you need this year for your personal camp (call it PC for personal camp).  Next, add together 175 sq. feet for each person who is camping with you (250-75 = 175), and 250 sq. feet for each ghost you have; that is the total amount of land you are allocated (call it AL for allocated land).  If your AL is greater than your PC, then all is well.  If your PC is greater than your AL, then you have a problem (if you are within 10 feet, don’t worry about it).

If you have lots of extra land allocated to you, you may donate it to another person in camp.  Just note who you would like to give it to on your form.

Examples:  John and Jane Doe are going to camp with us.  They have a 14’x14’ square period pavilion.  So, they add 4’ to each of those (18×18) then multiply it all together (324 sq ft).  Each of them gets 175 sq. feet of space, so they add that together (175+175=350), and they find they have plenty of room (26 sq. feet extra).

Eugene and Candice are going to camp with us as well, and they have a lot of stuff.  They have a 14’x20’ period pavilion, a 14’x10’ day shade, and Eugene’s armor lives in a 10’ diameter round arming pavilion.  Adding the 4’ to all those dimensions, they have an 18×24 pavilion, 18×14 day shade, and a 14×14 arming tent (remember, rounds are really square).  Multiplying them together, we get 432 sq. feet for the pavilion, 252 sq. feet for the day shade, and 196 sq. feet for the arming tent.

The grand total of all their personal camp is 880 sq. feet.  They get 175 sq. feet per person for Eugene and Candice, and 250 sq. feet per ghost.  To cover their needed land, they will need to register 3 additional people (ghosts) (175+175+250+250+250 = 1100 sq. feet).

Your calculation

Your tent width ___________________  + 4  =  __________  (A)

Your tent length __________________  + 4  =  __________   (B)

Total for Tent ________________(A)  *  _____________(B)  = _______________  (C)

If you have more than one tent, you need to do this calculation for each tent you have and add the totals (C) together to get your personal camp (PC). Reason: Pennsic Rules require a stand-off between each tent for Fire Safety.

Your allocation:  175 *  _________ people staying in your camp  = __________ (AL)

If your PC is greater than your AL, you need enough ghost allocations to provide the land you are short.

(175 *  _________ people staying in your camp)

+  (250 * __________ number of ghosts) =  ____________ (AL new)

If you have more than one tent, you need to do this calculation for each tent you have and add the totals (C) together to get your personal camp (PC).  Reason: Pennsic Rules require a stand-off between each tent for Fire Saftey.

Your allocation:  175 *  _________ people staying in your PC  = __________ (AL)

If your PC is greater than your AL, you need enough ghost allocations to provide the land you are short.

(175 *  _________ people staying in your camp) + (250 * __________ number of ghosts)                     =  ____________ (AL new)

i.e.    Bumba (adult) and Nollic (child) 350 sq.ft  + Nancy (ghost) 250 sq.ft = 600 sq.ft. (AL)
Bumba’s tent 20 ft x 20 ft pavilion (400 sq.ft .) + 4 ft to both sides (24 x24) = 576 sq.ft. (PC)

Renting Tents:

Grimms no longer exists, but there are other companies that rent tents in the area.  We suggest the company we have gotten our common tent from, Classic Tent (www.classic-tent.com). Also see the official site for information and the Coopers’ rules on the subject If you plan to rent a tent to be delivered at Pennsic, please let us know about your reservation.  You need to ensure that your tent will not be delivered until Sunday July 31st  at the earliest as the Camp Stewards need time to lay out the camp before your tent arrives.  Advisory: tell your tent rental company that you plan to sleep in the tent, so they give you one that is more weather proof rather than less than weather proof.  The baronial camp stewards will not take responsibility for tents that are to be delivered to locations outside the baronial encampment.

Camp Chores:

We will be putting a sign up for chores on Google docs soon, there will also be a physical sign up in the common tent at Pennsic. We will also need everyone, who is able, to lend a hand with either set up or tear down. If you are unable to be there for either time, please sign up for a few extra chores. Many hands make light work!


I look forward to seeing all of you at Pennsic! Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to seeing you there!

Bumba of Attillium.

Pennsic 42 Windmasters’ Hill Camp Registration (PDF)

Pennsic 42 Windmasters’ Hill Camp Registration Form (Excel)

Pennsic 42 Chore List Sign Up (Google Doc)

!!!!!Dead Lines: Mail-in 19 May, online 09 June, Baronial 16 June!!!!!

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